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3 dfcu bank officials grilled over theft of client deposits

July 19, 2019 by URN

Three dfcu bank officials have appeared at the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) in connection to the theft of unspecified among of customers' deposits. CID spokesperson, Charles Twine confirmed that the three...


African youth should get skilled or die as stowaways

Last week, a human body nearly fell on a person sunbathing in his garden in London as a Kenya Airways flight from Nairobi descended on Heathrow International Airport...


Sex talk: Do you have a phone basket?

If not, get one ASAP; it is life-saving. Or, should I say, marriage-saving? A recent outing with friends threatened to go South, thanks to how many gadgets were beeping...

Three is a crowd: Territorial Julie emerges

David, Julie and Diane share different spaces in one another’s lives, yet their worlds collide on an axis none of them saw coming. DIANE David listened silently, his silence...