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Meat Up: Great food, small portions!

You could say that many Meat Up customers are accidental and frustrated customers of Cafe Java’s Lugogo outlet who are not patient enough to queue up to pay for food.

But they soon discover that they ought to have gone straight to this eatery in the first place. It can hold its own taste adventure especially with their indulging steak specialties. In Uganda, steak is mostly associated with beef, but at Meat Up, they have the chicken variations - grilled or pan-seared.

However, be ready to pay hugely for extremely small portions. Understandably, steaks are not meant to be your fill-up food option, but the portions ought to be commensurate with the price.

Perhaps this is something Meat Up can learn from their immediate neighbours, Cafe Javas where, by all standards, their food is expensive but is matched with big portions. At Meat Up, most of their meals are Shs 30,000 upwards but the portions are the exact opposite.

Like all steaks that first give off a boring bland texture and taste but the infused base flavours of garlic, thyme and rosemary start to succulently draw you in all the way.

The smoky and charred flavours add to the rich and savoury unique culinary round taste. You will definitely fall in love with Meat Up’s golden wedges. They are well seasoned and cooked to perfection - slightly fluffy on the interior and slightly crunchy on the exterior.

Pair them with the creamy vegetable white sauce and you end up licking your lips.  Even their so-called chicken tenders, which are far from tender, start to brighten up as you eat more. They too pair well with the vegetable white sauce and wedges. By the way, even their tea and coffee are uniquely tasty.


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