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Sex Talk: Sex more than just the physical

Do you know why it is widely believed that you can have sex with one person and your life becomes royally scr*wed, going forward?

Or that you can take a wife and ‘she drastically changes your fortunes’ for the better, and vice versa? Haven’t you heard of men in Kampala who married the sweethearts of their youth, got tremendously rich, then decided to take a younger wife ‘that looks good with my money’, but refuses to divorce the wife of his youth for superstitious reasons concerning the wealth?

Well, it is not all myth, old wives tales and superstition; sex is actually a spiritual act. Never joke with a process that God uses to create other humans. It cannot be only fun and pink elephants all the time. Sex is spiritual and has spiritual consequences; whom you sleep with can be a conduit for different things in your life.

You can easily yoke yourself with a family of thieves, a family battling curses of poverty, or on the flip side, marry and turn your life around just by consummating that marriage.

No wonder, the Bible teaches that “he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord”; the trick is in finding that wife.

The right one. Many have married fwaaa, just to get on with the times, only to discover they made the worst mistakes of their lives. Those are the ones walking around telling whoever cares to listen: “Don’t do it! Marriage is a scam.” No, it is not. Just don’t be rushed into it for the wrong reasons.

Why do you think, back in the day the whole marriage thing was a meticulously-orchestrated process by parents on both sides (Indians still do it) after thorough background checks on what was going on in the other family before committing one’s son or daughter?

Considering that couples largely also stayed chaste until after marriage, it was important to see whom and what you would be yoking yourselves to, once the children married and started having sex.

Today, by the time parents get to know the details about the other family, the girl child has already allowed a boy child to sexually stamp her goodies and activate whatever sex activates spiritually. And even where couples have been lucky and ended up with ‘spiritually right’ spouses, some go ahead and sexually yoke themselves with strange people and then introduce interesting dynamics into their hitherto happy families.

Don’t trivialize sex; there is a reason why God wanted it within the confines of marriage. There is a reason why our forefathers discouraged children from engaging in it unless they were married.

There is a reason why societies where sex is not handled carefully (for example, societies where rape is glorified as an automatic way of netting a bride) stand out compared to other societies, and not for good reasons.

There is a reason why from time immemorial, powerful men have often been felled by the power of just one woman’s thighs. There is a reason why in satanic rituals too, incest, sex with minors, virgins or multiple partners (sex orgies) are all considered high sacrifice.

Yes, today I feel preachy, so just say, Amen…

I also don’t think that it is a coincidence that social decadence is seemingly at its worst yet, as some offspring conceived through such ungodly sexual alliances turn into the ‘best’ fly-kick criminals lurking at street corners, murderers, paedophiles, terrorists, name it.

Anyway, in the search of restoring the elusive pink elephants into your sex life, please don’t trivialize sex; it is serious spiritual business.




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