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Corruption: 3 MPs remanded over soliciting bribes from UHRC

L-R: MPs Mutembuli, Akamba and Namujju Dionizia

L-R: MPs Mutembuli, Akamba and Namujju Dionizia

The Anti-Corruption court has remanded three MPs to Luzira prison on charges of corruption after they allegedly solicited money from the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) in return for increasing its budget.

The MPs are; Yusuf Mutembuli (Bunyole East), a resident of Bweyogerere Kirinya in Kira Municipality, Wakiso district, Paul Akamba (Busiki) resident of Kyanja Balagade Rise Nakawa Division and Cissy Namujju Dionizia (Lwengo Woman) resident of Nambu village, Kigo Wakiso district.

The legislators who spent two days in police custody were arraigned in a fully-packed courtroom today Wednesday presided over by chief magistrate Joan Aciro and charged with one count of corruption. The prosecution alleges that MPs; Mutembule, Akamba and Namujju on May 13, 2024, at Hotel Africana in Kampala solicited money from Mariam Wangadya the chairperson of the UHRC an undue advantage of 20 per cent of the anticipated budget of the UHRC for the financial year 2024/2025.

This was reportedly done by asserting that the MPs were able to exert improper influence over the decision-making of the parliamentary budget committee to increase the UHRC budget, in consideration of the said undue advantage. The suspects however denied the charges levelled against them and applied for bail through their respective lawyers led by Asuman Basalirwa.

The prosecution led by state attorney Nicholas Kawooya informed court that investigations into this case are still ongoing and prayed for an adjournment. Namujju presented Muhammad Ssentayi, the Bukoto West MP, Hajji Hassan Bulwadda, owner of Bulwadda Clinics located at Buwada Mall Gayaza Road who is also her business partner and longtime friend and Ssemmwanga Gyavira MP for Buyamba County in Rakai as her sureties.

She also deposited her passport with the court. Akamba presented MPs Mariam Naigaga NamutumbaIki, Robert Kasolo and MP Henry Kibarya Mourice as his sureties. Mutembuli on the other hand presented Namukose Minsa Kirya, a community development officer in Mukono who is his sister as his surety.

The lawyers for the accused persons told court that the offences were not grave in nature and that even if they were convicted, court can only jail them for just ten years or they would be ordered to refund the money.

On their part, the prosecution asked the court for more time to verify the documents presented by the sureties like identification cards and LC one letters from the chairpersons. According to prosecutor Kawoya, they also want to verify the LC 1 letters presented by all the accused persons which he said requires more time.

The accused persons will return to court on Friday for a ruling on their bail application. The magistrate said it was too late for her to write her decision. Trouble for the accused persons started last week after President Yoweri Museveni presented the State of the Nation Address where he disclosed that he has overwhelming evidence of the corrupt public officials. 

Museveni said MPs allegedly collude with accounting officers in the ministry of Finance and Bank of Uganda to make allocations of public resources in exchange for kickbacks (bribes) and promised to crush them. Museveni revealed that the facts before him confirmed long-standing rumours he had of corruption at the heart of government, especially during the annual appropriation of taxpayers' money. 

He floated an idea of possible amnesty to the corrupt MPS but majority of the legislators interrupted his speech in disagreement.


0 #1 Doreen 2024-06-13 06:12
Namujju's appearance before jail and during jail.hail to make up
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+2 #2 Lakwena 2024-06-13 11:53
Just as he had been granting "AMNESTY for REBEL groups and/or leaders, it was out of pure guilt that Tibuhaburwa was also a diabolic rebel leader himself; therefore had no "moral authority to judge and condemn other rebel groups/leaders, but grant them blanket amnesty.

In other words, "our "Problem of Africa's" floating a possible "amnesty", is the reflection of his personal guilt. Not only of being corrupt to the core, but also aiding and abetting it (corruption).
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+1 #3 kabayekka 2024-06-14 05:44
Lakwena you have a point. These are diehard NRM members of parliament. If they had been on the political opposition, hell would break loose.

These dodgy and double sided opposition members of parliament would be punished for sabotaging government economic programmes.

That would be treason. They would receive imprisonment for some 20 years in Luzira prison before they are considered for parole!
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0 #4 Munywi jFrancis Fred 2024-06-15 17:32
in Africa,THEFT is the NEW "BLACK DEATH" and such thieves as these ones in the article above are causing the death of several millions of fellow Africans!

In Africa the leaders are completely unwilling to fight such thieves and it will take Western Countries to help destitute and poor Africans to fight such theft. by identifying and sanctioning such thieves.

It is now a moral duty for Western countries to rid Africa of such deadly thieves by stopping them and their children from running and hiding in those Western countries.
Slave trade was fought,Thieves must be fought and held to account.
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0 #5 Henry Baisi 2024-06-15 21:08
Someone needs to introduce a leadership code of ethics and governance. That code will define the core values and expected behaviours of people in public office.

It should form part of the curriculum for public officials. This to my opinion will also act as a moral code of conduct. Discuss
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0 #6 Marc Mae 2024-06-15 21:14
Get all the corrupt and not selectively
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0 #7 Marc Mae 2024-06-16 08:13
NRM corruption has been exposed. You no longer has credit as a party to pretend to fight the vice.

When I see Murindwa on TV trying to defend your actions it is really a mockery and it drives me mad.
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0 #8 Lakwena 2024-06-17 10:22
Quoting Henry Baisi:
Someone needs to introduce a leadership code of ethics and governance. That code will define the core values and expected behaviours of people in public office.

It should form part of the curriculum for public officials. This to my opinion will also act as a moral code of conduct. Discuss

Henry Baisi, for the purposed you are suggesting, including Development Studies, there was a fully fledged study (Degree) programme on "Ethics and Human Rights" in Department of Philosophy, Makerere University.

But because of its public conscientiousness, the corrupt (unethical) organized crime based regime, could not tolerate such a programmed and it was disbanded, and reduced a mere subject.
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