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Kabira’s spicy fish cake is quite something

It is deep-fried, bread-crumbed, stuffed with coriander, cabbages and lots of spring onions. It, indeed, looks like a cake.

At Shs 26,000, the golden spicy fish cake is one of the cheapest items on the Kabira restaurant’s menu.

Though listed under ‘lite bites’, it does not taste light at all; it is actually too heavy - so heavy that you can hardly finish the three served cakes. This is an a la carte menu; so, a little patience is needed with this order.

With all the vegetables therein, this minced fish fillet has no distinct taste. There is a bit of the coriander aroma, the crunchy cabbages, the mildly bitter parsley, the silky taste of the eggs and of course the fish itself.

You cannot really tell which type of fish it is. But, well, it tastes fish enough. The tartar sauce served in fresh tomato cups and tasty marinated salad on the sides adds a little ‘oompf’.  The chips fetch an extra Shs 10,000 – raking the bill to Shs 36,000.

This was a fairly ‘cheap’ choice, given that a vegetable samosa costs Shs 12,000 at the Bukoto-based Kabira Country Club.

Still, their chips are some of the best in town. Fresh and tender soft, well drained of any excess oils. The meal looks simple on the eye but very heavy in taste and fill.

If you are really a good eater, two of these cakes will leave you easily sated for the rest of the day.


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