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Weekend guide: Where to party @ this weekend

Blankets & Wine this Sunday at Lugogo Cricket Oval
Time: 12pm
Entrance: Shs 100,000

Saturday Unplugged with Isaac Rucci at Design Hub Kampala
Time: 7pm
Entrance: Advance, Shs 30,000; at the Door, Shs 50,000

Cirque du Kalabash this Saturday at The Square Featuring Mr. Makwa & Omutaba Nggoma
Time: 8pm
Entrance: Shs. 10,000

Jumadi & Ejuku Live this Saturday at The Lazy Pony
Time: 8pm
Entrance: Free

Party Priests or Beasts this Friday at The Five Horsemen
Time: 8pm
Entrance: Shs 10,000

African Jazz Night this Thursday at Kampala Casino
Time: 8pm
Entrance: Free

Comedicine by Fun Factory this Thursday at National Theatre
Time: 8:00pm
Entrance: Shs 20,000

Jamrock Thursday at Valhalla Bar & restaurant
Time: 8pm
Entrance: Free

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