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Father kills son over piece of pork in Manafwa

A father in Manafwa district is in police custody for allegedly killing his biological son over pork. The suspect is 42-year-old Anthony Namisiko, a resident of Buwamwibi village in Maefe sub-county in Manafwa district.

Namisiko is wanted for killing his eight-year-old son, Joel Wamwibi, a primary one pupil at Maefe primary school. Elgon Region police spokesperson Robert Tukei says Namisiko assaulted his son with a stick and iron bar - killing him instantly.

Tukei said on Wednesday evening that police received information about the incident from the suspect's brother, Vincent Malikisi who also doubles as the Gombolola international security officer of the area. He described the incident as regrettable, saying police had handed over the deceased's body to Mbale municipal mortuary for postmortem. 

Ahamada Washaki, the Manafwa resident district commissioner who visited the scene of crime on Wednesday, condemned the father for killing his son over pork. He says information from eyewitnesses indicates that Namisiko left eight pieces of pork in the sauce but only found seven pieces upon his return, prompting him to pounce on his son.

"He found one piece of meat missing which had been eaten by the child. That would not have been a crime to tantamount to such brutality on your own child. But where a child reaches the extent of picking a piece of meat before you give him or her, it means he’s underfed, he’s starved." Washaki said. 

Violet Malikisi, a niece to the suspect says the community is angry with the suspect, saying they will not welcome him back to the village. He says the suspect first assaulted his wife before he turned on the minor.
Angry residents descended on the suspect's and slashed his banana plantation, looted his property and torched his semi-permanent house. The suspect's relatives also took off for fear of being attacked.


+3 #1 Lakwena 2019-02-14 16:15
In the 21st Century, such a tragedy is only happening in Africa/Uganda.

But that's what extreme poverty and its ripple effect can do to a person and community: mental health breakdown.

May the boy's soul be at peace.

In other words, it is less than a 2-year count down to Uganda's magical Middle Income Status.

What is happening to Mr. M7's 2020, Sugar Candy Mountain nonsense (whatever is not possible or true is a nonsense)?
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+2 #2 Jama 2019-02-14 23:56
All this is the result of a sustainable and well integrated economy they promised us in 1986.
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0 #3 Akot 2019-02-17 21:24
Lakwena, thanks!

The entire world doesn't understand why Museveni is still ruling & in peace, while Ugandans get at one another!

What will Ugandans do when Museveni will be no more & has made our people are enemies of themselves through poverty?
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0 #4 Akot 2019-02-17 21:52
Jama, agreed, yet,

Museveni & those he came with got, are getting, will get what they came for as long as Ugandans keep them in power!

As UNITY is not what Ugandans will go for, they can go streight for Independent Tribal States which will lock Museveni out of every tribal land!

Museveni can then stay in State House as there won't be any Ugandan as common leader to occupy it!

Why will Ugandans vote in mps again to continue legaliseing tribalism & continuity of Museveni?

Zimbabwean army became thier people's body & got rid of Mugabe, but Museveni has no tribal land in Uganda, yet owns the army/police, owns tax money, controls parliament...!
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