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Kamwokya is the reason Museveni family loves power

On Monday last week, I visited The Observer after a long time. The Observer is headquartered at Plot 1, Tagore Crescent in Kamwokya.

The Observer has a new neighbour to whom I will return later. When The Observer migrated from Ruth Towers on Clement Hill to Tagore Crescent, Mariandina clinic was one of the features we used for direction. “Do you know where Mariandina clinic is?” we would ask before advising our clients to walk or drive past it and then, “you will see our signpost.” This clinic is no longer there.

The fate that affects many black people’s businesses has befallen it – closure after the death of its founder. Dr Charles Ssali of the Mariandina clinic became famous in the 1990s when he claimed he had discovered a cure for HIV/Aids patients. The state clamped down on him when he refused to disclose details of his new drug.

The other neighbour to The Observer, the Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO), founded by our dear First Lady Janet Kataaha Museveni, is no longer as vibrant as it was.

UWESO is The Observer’s immediate neighbour. Its activities no longer attract huge media coverage like before. I tried to do some research about the organisation over the internet and the recent information I got was that Shs 1 billion had been raised during a fundraising at State House in April 2017.

President Museveni was the chief fundraiser and gave UWESO Shs 300 million. I think I will ask Mama Janet the next time I see her in parliament to talk about UWESO and what really happened.

The last information I had heard about it was that it had refused to account for some donations. When donors asked for accountability, the founder demanded to know from them if they suspected her. The donors pulled out and maybe that is the reason this neighbour to The Observer remains largely quiet.

Let me return to The Observer’s new neighbour - Operation Wealth Creation - at this stage. As you all know about Operation Wealth Creation, it is headed by Gen Caleb Akandwanaho, mostly known as Salim Saleh, President Yoweri Museveni’s young brother.

On the main road from Mulago to Kamwokya is where Operation Wealth Creation is now headquartered. In an earlier article, I told you that Operation Wealth Creation is an illegal outfit established through an executive order from State House, which has since expired.

Because of its legal status, Operation Wealth Creation couldn’t access money. But through trickery, National Agricultural Advisory Services (Naads), whose budget averages about Shs 450 billion a year, was asked to surrender Shs 270 billion to Saleh’s Wealth Creation circus.

I also told you that more than Shs 70 billion of its now Shs 270 billion annual budget was used to buy vehicles for retired military generals who had just been recruited and trained to serve under Saleh.

I did not know that millions of this money would also be used to rent a posh office for Operation Wealth Creation. The abuse of people’s taxes and power by the Museveni family is very annoying. But this article is not about that.

It is essentially about the failure by the Museveni family to successfully run any private enterprise. It is not a secret anymore that the wife didn’t find her effort to save orphans (UWESO) either rewarding or sufficient.

She jumped into politics to represent the people of Ruhaama, got appointed Karamoja minister and now she heads the education docket, one of the ministries with the biggest budgets.

For me who knows that she illegally joined Makerere University for her Bachelor of Education degree, I thank the Almighty for having enabled me to go through school before she was appointed.

The point I make here is that even if UWESO still exists, it has no activities to speak for her. Maybe it now operates like a security outfit. Salim Saleh founded Divinity Union and at one time traded in cereals.

But I think even this one folded. Maybe a fundraising at State House, at which Museveni will be the chief fundraiser, will resuscitate it.

You need no expertise to know why this family loves the state and power. Mr Museveni himself speaks proudly about his farms but all his employees are paid for by the state. The farms’ veterinary doctor is a senior presidential advisor on veterinary and that is how he picks his monthly salary.

In fact, I laugh each time I see Museveni teaching people how to work. I am willing to issue a public apology if someone tells me a private enterprise this family has successfully run without using taxpayers’ money.

Why then shouldn’t they celebrate Uganda’s 56th independence anniversary. Isn’t Uganda their private enterprise?


The author is Kira Municipality MP and opposition chief whip in parliament.


+2 #21 Jama 2018-10-14 14:50
How can a nation run like a family property enjoy prosperity?

No doubt that's why we,witness all kinds of garbage in the administration.

High level state robbery with no accountability to any institutions. Nepotism and tribalism while recruiting, instead of merit.

Just as they have mismanaged this country,this family have also ruined,wherever they administered.

The social houses the first lady contructed in Karamoja are now collapsing due to inadequate architecture and poor materials used. Operation poverty creation has benefited family and friends.
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-1 #22 Pipicax 2018-10-14 15:45
Late Dr. Sali came to Uganda after being scrapped off permission licence to ever practice medicine in UK again. He committed several blanders in UK when he was practising medine.

For example, he prescribed wrong medication to patients. He wrongly diagnosed patients. Thirdly, his allegedly claim that he had found a cure medicine for HIV / AIDs. UK after diagnosed the medice, findings revealed that he was giving patients a combination of vitamins. By that time multivitamin tablet was not on sale.
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+1 #23 naboma 2018-10-15 13:20
Mr Nganda-janet too runs a flower growing business in Rubare some 20 kms from ntungamo-kabale road.

One day a local business man that i gave a lift on my way to kabale asked me if i thought janet would still be in that business if she was investing her money!

It then dawned on me that the business was not productive at all but was a political venture where she gets money from government and runs an otherwise unprofitable business to give a few jobs to her constituents!!!

The flowers are taken and sold in kigali , picked by an ipsum car twice a week!! so you can see it aint good business but we taxpayers pay for these imbeciles and shameless leeches to experiment on business.
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+2 #24 Lakwena 2018-10-15 14:37
The financial indiscipline of the members of First Family is typically the background and inherent culture of poverty and moral decadence.

From 1981 to 2005, while her husband was proliferating widows and orphans in Luweero and Greater Northern Uganda and Teso Sub-region Janet, thru UWESO was raking and funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into her bottomless pocket.

In other words, it was the end of the 20th Century, and still is; the 21st Century form of cannibalism: sucking our blood.
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